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Yes...I ask Broderick in an interview if he wears boxers or briefs. BUT before we get into that...

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Character Interview: Broderick MacDougal
I await Broderick MacDougal—vampire and hero of my debut novel MIDNIGHT CONQUEST. Sitting in the parlor of his fortress, a fire crackles in the hearth, heating my skin. A warm, orange glow flickers along the stone walls and tapestries. The smell of burning wood is heady, soothing, and I can't resist taking off my shoes.

Gentleman that he is, Rick does not keep me waiting very long. His six-foot-three frame enters the room, seducing my attention. The corner of his mouth turns up in a smirk. I draw a deep breath to steady my beating heart. Even though I created this guy and he's constantly in my head, he never fails to get my blood pumping!
His auburn hair shrouds his shoulders and the flames reflect his brassy highlights as he saunters across the room.

No, saunters is hardly the word. He glides.

With ethereal movements, he stands before me, that tempting dimple creasing his cheek. Cocking a fiery eyebrow, he bends forward, takes my hand and blesses my knuckles with a sensuous kiss that leaves me in a puddle. A warm chuckle rumbles from him and he sits in the vacant chair.
"You're a rogue," I accuse. He knows what affect he has on me, and exploits it at every opportunity. 

The full smile on his handsome face nearly does me in. Leaning back, he crosses his ankle over his knee and settles in for our interview. "You make it too easy, Arial." He winks, his deep voice like a drug. Could I possibly melt any more? "You hold the advantage tonight, lass. I must confess, your warning about the topics had me both excited and fearful." In spite of his words, he maintains his roguish sneer.

"Yes, I have some juicy questions for you to answer, so be prepared to squirm." I narrow my eyes in a dare.

That same eyebrow rises at my challenge, but he waits for me to begin.
Maybe I'll be the one who ends up squirming! "Our readers don't have much time to spare, so I'm diving right in. What's the first thing you notice about a woman?"

"Two features draw me almost immediately…first, her eyes. I search for that spark of intelligence, a hint of something deeper than her appearance. And then her mouth." He grins with a dangerous glint as he does just that…gazes at my lips. His deep voice is almost breathy. "Once my eyes go to her mouth, I listen for her heartbeat and her thoughts. If any attraction exists betwixt us, her quickening pulse and forbidden images betray much."
Yep! You guessed it! My heart's pattering a mile a minute and he wears the most wicked expression on his face. "You are such a bad boy!"
He tips his head back and his rich laughter fills the room. "'Twas your provocative question, not mine." He winks again. "Please proceed." I deliberate over switching to safer questions, but Broderick shakes his head. "Finish what you started, Arial."  

Click that button to read the rest of the interview at my site to find out what he answers when I ask the question, "Boxers or Briefs?" The answer made me blush. Imagine own character told me something I didn't know! And I used it in Book 5, much to Broderick's chagrin. Mwuahahahaha! Paybacks are a bitch...and so am I!

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